Southwold Beach House

This new build low-energy house lies on the edge of Southwold, in Suffolk, with a plot that extends down to the beach. The design responds to the local character of the village both in form and materials, drawing inspiration from its varied seaside context. The facade is lime rendered using a variety of local aggregates including flint, shale and seashells.

The design employs a low embodied energy structural timber frame with Passivhaus levels of airtightness and insulation. An oversized chimney will house the Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) system, and allow other necessary building services to be concealed.more

Overhanging roofs prevent overheating from the high summer sun, but allow solar gain in the winter where the sun angle is lower. A high thermal mass within the building envelope helps to ensure comfortable year-round temperatures.

Project Architects:
Ben Ridley, Moa Wintzell, Matt McKenna

Southwold, Suffolk

Tom Groves / AFL

Aerial view southwold architect: new build passivhaus home
Southwold Beach House AXO
Stone passivhaus architect design for a new build house in Suffolk
Architect designed modern sustainable house in Suffolk with timber frame
Architect designed house in the countryside, new build
New build home, Southwold passivhaus in suffolk interior view with timber
timber frame beach house design - view to sea
timber frame beach house design - view to beach