We are a London building contractor creating unique architectural homes with an architect-led design and build service.

Our team of specialist craftspeople delivers high-quality, low-energy homes with a holistic process, ensuring projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Our residential projects include new homes, refurbishments of heritage properties and house extensions at all scales.


We have a unique contemporary approach to construction, enabled by a suite of digital management tools. These allow for seamless site communication during construction and improved client and aftercare services.

Our site teams are led by experienced architects and project managers, who form the main point of contact for our clients throughout. They work with each site manager to ensure quality whilst monitoring progress and budget.

Whilst we are able to offer a complete architectural design, structural engineering, interior design and build service, we also work with other architects, engineers, interior designers and clients to provide construction services only.


We specialise in creating bespoke architectural homes in London. Our work includes both new build properties and sensitive additions to heritage homes, including listed properties and those in conservation areas.

We take pride in our ability to navigate the complexities of constrained London sites with neighbours’ properties in close proximity and we work closely with local residents to minimise noise and disruption.

Low Energy House

We invest in the skill and expertise of our team, encouraging development training and mentorship through a programme of skill-based courses. Our team includes a Passivhaus-certified tradesperson and CSCS-qualified site managers.


Environmental impact is a key consideration in our work. We take a fabric-first approach to sustainability based on the Passivhaus principles of airtightness, high-performance insulation, triple glazing and MVHR.

We build comfortable, fossil fuel free homes, with heating and hot water provided by air-source heat pumps, ultimately aiming for net zero energy in use. This accords with UK’s requirement to reach net zero across all sectors by 2050. The homes that we retrofit now will not be refurbished again before this date, so each project is critical.

In addition to the performance of our buildings in use, we carefully consider embodied energy. We use materials and processes with less embodied carbon and repurpose materials on-site where possible to reduce waste. For all other waste disposal, we use partners who are committed to diverting waste from landfill with transfer stations that specialise in re-use and re-cycling.

Low Energy House