Our workplace projects respond to the rapid changes in technology and nature of work in London. Increased collaboration, a mobile and freelance workforce, the sharing economy and automation define new modes of operation.

We deliver flexibility to modern occupiers with start-up studios, shared amenities and collaborative spaces that maximise opportunities to connect and share ideas.

Our mission is to create inspiring spaces that people actively choose to spend time in. The built environment’s role in enticing people in to work, interact and physically engage in spaces and objects is more crucial than ever, in a time when it is possible to function entirely from the comfort of our homes.

As in all of our work, the key drivers in our design approach are sustainability and responding positively to local context.

We draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of design in London. Whether from the aspirational character of an industrial brick facade at our Walthamstow mixed-use scheme, or display cabinets at our Present and Correct shop imagined as a series of ‘wunderkammer’, inspired by the neighbouring British Museum.

At Wood Street, the building will meet the GLA target of 35% on site carbon reduction through thermal insulation, airtightness, MVHR, air source heat pumps, thermal mass and PV panels.