Work in Progress

This page showcases a selection of our latest work, both built and unbuilt.

Our architectural projects are the product of in-depth conversations with clients, consultants, stakeholders and local authorities. This approach allows our work to respond to the particularities of the site, context and intended occupiers, with proposals evolving over time.

The images shown here convey a snapshot of current ideas including visuals, site photos, models and material tests.more

Project architects:

Ben Ridley, Amrit Marway, Alastair Mitchell, Moa Wintzell

Proposal Collage
Kitchen extension Hammersmith
Gibson Square barnsbury georgian architect
handle tests
London Village by Architecture for London: Garden Villages sketch
door handle profiles oak
bathroom design green stone
Highgate architect house extension brick
concrete basin london
Lambeth house extension hot tub
architect housing london brick
architect house extension in concrete
Islington rear extension
architect designed house drawing in plan
timber frame house extension architect
Architect extension corrugated metal
architect house extension concrete
architect designed bathroom
minimal kitchen design
house extension hackney
london house extension hot tub
house extension architect in london
Housing design london architect