Southwark Housing

This CLT mid-rise housing scheme in Southwark continues the history of timber buildings in the borough, with a proposed cross-laminated timber structure to the upper floors. These prefabricated panels are carbon negative, they enable fast construction and can be reused at the end of the building’s life.

Southwark’s rich history of timber construction includes many galleried coaching inns built in the 17th century. The last survivor of these is the Grade I listed George Inn on Borough High Street.

These buildings were places of both rest and entertainment for travellers: many were arranged with courtyards used as informal playhouses, with timber galleries providing elevated views of an impromptu stage.

Our scheme provides dual aspect flats with panoramic views of the city skyline. Generous galleried balconies recall those of the historic coaching inns. At ground floor, a double height cafe provides an active frontage, with a new outside dining space that links to the historic Horseshoe Inn opposite.

Project Architect:
Ben Ridley, Amrit Marway

Melior Place, Southwark SE1

Architect CLT timber structure housing in Southwark, London
Architect design cross laminated timber housing and cafe at ground floor
Southwark architect cafe interior design - proposed 3D render in a sketch style