Kensington House

This North Kensington house extension enlarges a Victorian property within a conservation area. The side return and rear additions are finished in a dark brick, selected to complement the tone of the weathered London stock brick of the existing house.

The design creates an open-plan kitchen with a large roof light bringing daylight into the deep plan of the terraced house. A large frameless glass window gives views to the garden from a new seating area in the light-filled side extension.

Planning policy limited the height of the new side extension’s roof in order to reduce impact on the adjoining property. The roof pitch is concealed from the rear elevation by a horizontal brick parapet over the frameless glass window, allowing the extension to be read as two simple orthogonal forms when viewed from the garden.

Internal alterations include new joinery to the ground floor reception rooms and space saving sliding pocket doors. The interior design features mid-century Danish furniture in oak to match the bespoke oak sliding doors to the newly landscaped garden.

Project Architect:
Ben Ridley, Tom Dawson

Brewster Gardens, North Kensington W10

London Open House 2015