Dartmouth Park House

This house extension in Dartmouth Park is designed to better connect the property to a large garden. A new dining room with oak framed sliding doors leads to a landscaped terrace, and a separate ‘glass box’ evening room allows uninterrupted garden views. Between these two spaces a sheltered outdoor kitchen is created.

Concrete beams at roof level create a horizontal datum across the spaces. This begins internally and continues outside to shelter the barbecue area, finally returning to the ground to form a new pergola against the garden wall. When viewed from the garden, this continuous horizontal line creates the impression of a unified, wide extension that emphasises the generous 17m garden width.

Portland Roach stone to the rear elevation features distinctive fossilised shell fragments.

The rear of the existing Victorian villa was covered by attractive ivy, which required removal due to brick damage. The proposed pergola’s beams will support local wisteria growth, allowing climbing plants to be reintroduced in a controlled fashion. This will create dappled shadows in the evening room that oscillate with the breeze.

Project Architect:
Becky Wootton

Structural Engineer:
Michael Hadi Associates

Dartmouth Park Hill, London NW5

Architects’ Journal