Surbiton Housing

Like many of London’s outer towns, Surbiton is relatively low density, and is largely Victorian and Edwardian in character. There is, however, an urgent requirement for new housing in the borough: The London Plan’s minimum ten year housing target for Kingston upon Thames is 6,434 units, with an annual benchmark monitoring target of 643 units.

Many of Surbiton’s high streets are in decline, with small businesses unable to attract local residents, who are instead drawn into the centre of Kingston or further afield. Behind the façade of these public high streets lies a backland of disconnected development, car parking, and service yards. Our site is one of these yards, located to the rear of former Italian restaurant Casa Viva. It is surrounded by the underused car park of Surbiton Health Centre and adjacent to another yard, nominally serving shops to the north. more

Our design provides a template for the reinvigoration of Ewell Road and Surbiton’s high streets, and proposes a solution to Kingston’s housing shortage using such backland sites.

All five proposed apartments incorporate generous balconies and have their own ground floor private entrance. A new shared garden introduces a natural element to the site and supports new opportunities for wildlife. The pitched roofs and handmade Danish brick finishes reference the surrounding Victorian context. Colour patterns within the brickwork lend an element of craft and hint at the fine decorative style of the nineteenth century villas of the area.

Project Architect:
Ben Ridley

Ewell Road, Surbiton KT6