Battersea Housing

This housing scheme lies adjacent to a busy mainline railway that runs through Battersea. Commercial units are provided on the ground floor to house start-up companies, replacing the existing temporary units on the site. Our approach aims to reinforce the existing site character whilst providing much-needed housing in this central location.

The height, massing and materiality of each block carefully responds to adjacent residential buildings. At the ground floor, generously sized porticos act as viewfinders to the reach the main entrances. Finishes include Petersen brick, anodised aluminium and clay render.more

Loggias are positioned to the south, shading the main living spaces during summer to prevent overheating whilst allowing passive solar gain in the winter months.

Project Architects:
Becky Wootton, Titas Grikevičius

Planning Consultant:
RPS Group

Culvert Road, Battersea SW11 5AU

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