Barnsbury House

This house extension in Barnsbury improves and enlarges an early Victorian terraced property.

At upper ground level, the rear extension facade provides both privacy and views to the garden from the enlarged bathroom behind. This is achieved using an intricate glass and corten steel screen, with varying degrees of transparency. It is largely opaque at low level to obscure views into the bathroom, yet perforated and split vertically to offer glimpses of the garden from within. At high level, clear glazing allows views of the sky and trees.more

At lower ground floor a full-width extension is finished in corten and glass. The door to the garden is concealed within the cladding, allowing the insertion of a completely frameless glass box to one side.

The rear elevation of the existing house is soot-washed and window frames and sills painted a dark grey. This treatment gives the house a uniform and slightly muted appearance, clearly defining it against its new extensions to the rear.

Internally, bespoke joinery is proposed to the kitchen and dining room at lower ground floor and to the dressing room at first floor.

Project Architect:
Ben Ridley

Structural Engineer:
Structure Haus

Lambert Street, Barnsbury N1