Angel House

This house extension in Angel, Islington improves a locally listed early Victorian property. A two storey rear addition provides a new bathroom at upper ground and a living room in the full-width extension at lower ground floor.

The shaded garden and lower ground floor position restrict the light levels at the rear extension. Full width glazed sliding doors are therefore designed to maximise the natural light in the living room. Light finishes, including a white oiled ash stair, further help to brighten the space.more

All partitions at lower ground are removed to create a new bright space from the previously dark sequence of rooms. A new mansard storey provides an additional floor, creating space for a master bedroom and a generous ensuite bathroom.

Sustainability improvements include high performance insulation in the existing house, in the new roof, rear extension and under the entire lower ground floor. The exposed lime plaster helps to improve indoor air quality. This breathable material regulates moisture, reducing the risk of condensation.

Project Architect:
Christian Brailey

Structural Engineer:

Rocliffe St, Angel N1

Angel house architect designed wooden staircase with polished lime plaster wall and recessed handrail
Angel house london glass extension with modern timber stair in ash wood
Angel house extension with a terrazzo floor and a minimalist grey kitchen and wooden stairs
Angel house extension refurbishment architect
Modern Angel house bespoke timber stair with polished lime plaster wall