Muswell hill house extension architect plan with sliding doors

Outline design is now complete at our Muswell Hill house extension in Haringey

A double-height rear extension contains a new kitchen and dining area. This space is finished with soaped timber floors and a natural lime plaster to walls. A pre-cast concrete stair leads toward the four-metre tall sliding glass doors and the garden beyond. Bespoke joinery conceals a pull-out desk and study area.

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A green roof helps to link the tall extension with the garden when viewed from the upper levels of the house. The extension is clad in fine vertical timber fins that are angled so that their appearance changes from various points in the garden.

A change in floor level notionally separates the living and kitchen areas, whilst still allowing conversation between them. A new functional utility room at the higher level is designed to reduce clutter in the main space.

Muswell Hill is an Edwardian suburb that developed around a once-rural village settlement. Much of its existing architecture is consistent in character, as the development of the majority of buildings was over a period of fewer than 20 years from 1896 onward. Red brick and Tudor revival designs are common on original properties.

Muswell hill house extension Architecture for London

Muswell hill house extension Architecture for London

Project architect: Matt McKenna

Location: Cranley Gardens, Muswell Hill N10

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