Hackney architects: housing terrace designed in east london

Architecture for London has recently designed a number of unique private homes and housing schemes in east London

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Current projects include a house extension on Cassland Road in Hackney and housing schemes on Wood Street in Waltham Forest and Belsham Street in Hackney.

At Cassland Road we are refurbishing and extending a late 18th century Georgian house that forms part of a grand terrace. A new kitchen is created at lower ground floor, which leads to an extended dining room with garden views. Original details are to be repaired or reinstated in the principal floors of the house, including marble fireplaces, joinery and plasterwork.

Our architects frequently work with historic Victorian and Georgian properties and we have specialist experience in the conservation and improvement of these buildings. We apply Passivhaus principles to create warm and comfortable homes that reduce energy demands.

Our housing projects seek to draw inspiration from the existing stock in east London, with brick finishes and contemporary designs that are inspired by traditional forms.

Bethnal Green house extension, east London: East London Architects

Bethnal Green house extension, east London architect designed: stair

Project architects: Christian Brailey, Becky Wootton

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