Tower Hamlets completion

Durant Street house extension, Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets completion

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Durant Street, Tower Hamlets is complete. These two neighbours in east London have pooled their resources to extend their houses at the same time.

Both properties feature a two-storey extension to the rear with a single storey side-infill on either side, while the existing London butterfly roofs have been revealed by opening up ceilings in the existing house to form vaulted spaces. The houses now each step down from the existing living areas at the front to new open-plan kitchen and dining areas at the back. These larger spaces form generous, light-filled rooms linked to the gardens.

The neighbours have expressed their individuality in external finishes and throughout the interior spaces. One owner opted for a brick exterior with an open-plan kitchen featuring resin flooring with aggregate and bespoke Caribbean Blue Quartzite worktops. Smoked oak floor boards continue through the house which maintains a cool elegance.

The second house appears very different as the extension is clad in inclined slate. The living room floor is made up of soap washed douglas fir floor boards, which are matched by cupboard doors in the kitchen behind. The floor of the kitchen is polished concrete, while copper detailing and exposed ply edges reinforce the air of warm, natural materials that pervades the home.

17 Oct 2016