Walthamstow housing

Waltham Forest, London E17
Project architect:
Tom Dawson
Brief development
Outline designs

This proposal is sited on Wood Street, a busy high street in Walthamstow, east London. Wood Street has a diverse character with industrial, retail and community land uses in close proximity. The building will provide 25 flats, with further community and retail uses at ground floor. An active frontage at ground floor aims to breathe new life into the high street.

The proposed facade is detailed in brick and precast concrete. The depth of the arches and columns allow different readings of the elevation from various points on the street. From oblique angles the regular brick columns dominate, yet when viewed from 90 degrees, the depth and permeability of elevation is emphasised, as set-back balustrades and glazing come into view.

The building features courtyard deck access to the flats, allowing all front doors to be external. The access decks also provide space for planters under each courtyard facing window, allowing occupants to create a personal garden and planted screening to windows for privacy as required. All flats also feature large balconies that allow outdoor dining.