Walthamstow housing

Waltham Forest, London E17
Project architect:
Tom Dawson
Brief development
Outline designs

Wood Street has a diverse character with industrial, retail and community land uses in close proximity. Our proposed scheme provides 26 homes for private rental with office space at ground floor for start-up companies. The ‘Build To Rent’ model allows the delivery of high-quality homes with a new focus on tenant customer service, something that has clearly been lacking with many private landlords. This model has the potential to revolutionise property in the UK, creating truly desirable rented accommodation.

Access decks to the internal courtyard allow all apartment front doors to be external, and planters next to each front door give each resident the opportunity to create a small front garden and personalise the exterior of their home. All flats also feature large balconies for outdoor dining.

Spaces for start-up companies are provided on the ground floor, with a sheltered loggia, akin to a traditional green-grocer’s canopy, creating an area that encourages passersby to pause. This active frontage aims to breathe new life into the high street.

The proposed facade draws from the aspirational character of the nearby (now demolished) film studios arched facade. The tight grain and narrow width of the columns borrows directly from the elevation of the film studios building. However, it also introduces a new architectural effect. The depth of the columns (in contrast to those of the film studio) allow various readings of the elevation from different points on the street. From oblique angles the tight grain allows the regular brick columns to dominate, their depth obscures views of the glazing behind, yet when viewed from 90 degrees, the depth and permeability of the elevation is made clear.