Tech City

Project architect:
Ben Ridley
Old Street, London EC1Y
Outline design
Presentation model
Community consultation

The area surrounding Old Street roundabout is overwhelmingly urban, and at present it is a place through which to pass, rather than arrive. Our proposal seeks to improve the public realm, resolving issues arising from vehicle-dominated 1960′s urban planning, and create start-up work spaces for technology companies.

Tech City is not a city in the traditional sense. Its businesses coexist through the virtual relationships of tweets and digital traffic documented in the Tech City Map. It currently suffers from a lack of coherent identity in the built environment. We propose a new centre for Tech City at Old Street, with a new physical identity in the built environment. The roundabout itself is removed, allowing a landscaped public space to be created at the junction. Unsightly elevations of existing high rise commercial blocks are enlivened with the introduction of externally mounted pre-fabricated office units for start up companies.