Ningbo School

Scheme design
Presentation drawings
Ningbo, China
Project architect:
Tom Dawson

This scheme for Ningbo School proposes a flexible and versatile teaching environment. The plan is arranged around self-contained faculties which operate within the school and are subject-focused. To enable teaching larger groups, or for activities to take place with several teaching groups at once, each faculty has a large communal space at its centre which all classrooms open out to. This area can also be used for short breaks between lessons or for one-to-one teaching. Spaces have been designed for flexibility to allow for additional local community use outside of school hours.

The central atrium also provides the main recreation, social and informal meeting area for pupils, teachers and visitors. From within the space it is possible to view all of the main functions of the school: faculties, sports, dining and halls.

The sites remarkable natural setting defined the pedestrian links across the boundaries of the school. The main reception building bridges the river and a series of other bridges allow immediate interaction with the natural environment. Woodland paths are proposed across the hillside, these could be incorporated in extended research or sporting activity.