House Refurbishment Architects

House refurbishment architects

House Refurbishment Architects

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Architecture for London are specialist house refurbishment architects. A successful house renovation is one that adapts internal spaces to your personal tastes whilst responding to the needs of modern life in a creative way. A successful refurbishment can often make your home work as desired without the need for additional space such as with an extension.

With period Victorian or Georgian homes, there is often a delicate balance to be struck between retaining period character and modernising interiors. Careful contemporary alterations to a period property can however be particularly effective, with original period features complementing clean modern lines.

Many refurbishment projects involve the removal of one or more walls. Modern family life often better suits open plan spaces rather than the traditional approach of formal rooms separated by function. Spaces might be zoned more informally by a change in floor levels such as a sunken snug area, or simply with a considered threshold detail with a change of material.

When refurbishing a space, it should be considered as a whole: a sculptural object that must work together, with complimentary colours and finishes. Our approach to design is often focussed on natural light, materiality and colour. Interior design, landscape design and detailed joinery are key considerations in any refurbishment project, and they should be considered early in the design process.

With grade 2 listed properties, refurbishment works will of course be more sensitive. The process often involves negotiation with the local authority to achieve a family house that is suited to modern life, without compromising its historic fabric and value. The design quality of any new addition is important with such sensitive properties. Often the connection to the existing building is with ‘light touch’ glazing. This allows a relatively easy return to the original building condition should this be desired by a future owner. There are many resources online for further information, including The Victorian Society and Historic England.

If you are looking for house refurbishment architects, please contact us to arrange an initial design session.

16 Jul 2013