House Extension Ideas

House extension ideas

House Extension Ideas

Posted by AFL in Residential Projects

To begin your search for house extension ideas, the Royal Institute of British Architects has an excellent bookshop in London to consider visiting – it has many books devoted to extensions and refurbishments by architects. This may be a great starting point to find ideas for your project, and as much of London’s housing stock is similar, you may find a project that has been completed on a house like yours.

It is also a good idea to study the work of a variety of architects as a way of developing your personal architectural preferences. It may be that you are excited by restricted formal qualities and rich materials, or perhaps an ‘ultra-modern’ glass and steel aesthetic is more inspiring to you.

There are also a number of useful online home design resources. We would recommend taking a look at our blog, which includes some of our favourite residential projects – we think it is a great resource of modern house design ideas. Most home design magazines found in newsagents also have large resources of online articles that allow access to a wide range of design ideas and images.

Whenever you find articles or images that appeal to you, it is a good idea to save them for use as a reference when explaining your tastes to your designer. These images will help in the initial appraisal stage of your project, and when you come to develop a brief. They will also aid the task of developing your architect’s initial design sketches or ‘mood boards’ for your proposed space. Pinterest is a very useful online tool for collating ideas and sharing them with your architect.

16 Aug 2013