Corten house extension

Corten House extension

Corten house extension

Posted by AFL in Residential Projects

Planning permission has been secured for a corten house extension in Islington. This contemporary proposal in bold materials was supported by the conservation officer as the design was deemed to be of a high quality, which would preserve and enhance the Barnsbury Conservation area.

The images above illustrate two options that were initially produced for the client, with different designs for the crafted corten facade of the upper ground floor extension. The first design for the upper ground floor is an intricate corten facade. This space is a bathroom, so the facade investigates various degrees of transparency. An opaque, perforated corten screen at the bottom provides privacy, while fine lines dividing the screen allow glimpses of light from within. Clear glazing to the top of the facade allows views out toward the sky and trees.

The second option proposes a full translucent glass facade which provides privacy, allowing only soft shadows of the activity within to be visible from the garden.

15 Feb 2016